Hello that such, for me it is an immense pleasure to tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do in LOMAXIMOFM but not without first introducing myself, my name is Rafael Mendoza graduate in Advertising and Marketing, Tourism, Social Communication and Speaker certified Commercial, Entrepreneur, I serve currently as Team Manager of the station under the Pseudonym of RALF X that I know in the World of FM Radio and that will give prominence to the program "Motor Sport Online" with high rates of audience while he remained in the air, my free time I share with my wife and my daughter and I keep a day-to-day doing online courses, reading books, keeping my thirst of learning and filled me with knowledge, I do not go to bed without learn something new every day, that is my attitude and what I defined... The year was 2008 and with the boom and I pushed that was the new millennium I had the opportunity to meet a group of lovely people in the broadcasting field that motivated me to dabble in the magical and wonderful World of the Radio, the same motivation that moves me still today. It is for me an incredible honor to lead this project from the beginning, through the years we have done things magical and amazing with our productions and creations, bringing to the Web Radio and our listeners to another level, in recent years I have focused more on the technology, the Bitcoin, to analyze the cryto currencies in general, the environment and Climate Change, making constant changes and adactando online radio to the new times.

I cannot deny that I have enjoyed great achievements and successes, but still we can do much more in the radio industry although I admit that is not easy, but every day we continue to innovate and develop together with new technologies, so I invite you to continue the journey, because our goal is the infinite... As we all know the Technology as well as social networks, filled almost all areas of daily life, and this influence extends to the Music and to the Radio of course, the constant work in a team, a group of boys and girls enthusiasts of the broadcasting, some in our studies and others in each country of residence we have gathered the tools and technical knowledge in all areas of the radio and connected to each other through the Internet, we have created a musical proposal different to the conventional radio with a unique style which characterizes us and distinguishes us, to bring to all of our faithful audience the best of global Music through our Internet Radio Station.

LOMAXIMOFM ... "Q Were you Waiting for" ... The time has given us the leadership how the means of communication in the Internet, ofreciéndo 24 Hours a day, 365 days of the year a schedule with music Hits Pop of the moment with a style unique and enjoyable for our listeners while they browse the Internet at any time and/or place in the World where they are, with mobile devices, in the Office, the Car, at Home or at a Cyber-Café. Over time we have built a Radio Station, multicultural, for all genders, races and religions, aimed at adolescents, young people and adults, men and women between 15 and 60 years old, students and professionals in all areas of class A – B – C, reaching the target with a programming nice, with excellent audio quality and very easy to access through the Internet, "FREE" and without subscription costs.

The technology today allows us to interact with the Radio listeners through our social networks, thus providing a direct communication and creating an atmosphere of immediate response, greetings, birthday, news, application, themes, music, are just some of the things in which listeners are involved directly with our production team, keeping us always in total interactivity radio-listener. This is achieved thanks to the magical relationship Internet-users-radio. Finally, I invite you to continue to enjoy this wonderful and ambitious project, to support it through our social networks on this long road that still remains to be done, much work still but I am proud of helping to improve the day-to-day people through Music and that I have the entire conviction that all together we can make a Better World. RALF X Team Manager